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Nov 3, 2013 5:30pm PST
. >> kpix-5. >> the city set up a job center at the west oakland job. tell generate $3 million in taxes for the city. >>> if you wanted to own your own basketball the park theater that closed back in 2002 is selling off the wares before it sells off for good. >> many people have memories in this mace. they know it will be torn down they want to take a piece of it home. >> i really want to see it. i want to go in one more time. >> i love old a band oned places. this is like going to disneyland for me. >> no word when it is set to be demolished but he will turn it into an office and retail space. >>> all right, we will show you more of this if you have not seen it already. why this is a rare hybrid solareclipse. >> it is cool. >>> speaking of cool we were cooler yesterday than today. the temperatures going back up before they go back down again. your pinpoint forecast as the news continues. stay with us ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, last year... the new york cy marathon returned after a o year absence. a record number of runners participad amidst heightened security. >>> washed out. the new york city
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1